Justin Bieber on SNL – Tina Fey Justin Bieber Saturday Night Live teacher skit video (YouTube)

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Yesterday’s Saturday Night Live featured Tina Fey hosting and Justin Beiber singing in sketches and performances.  Fey made a glorious return to the show after departing several years back.  Not only did “30 Rock” actress and former SNL alumni Tina Fey perform a sketch on the show as former VP candidate Sarah Palin, she also poked fun at student-teacher relationships.  The skit which featured Justin Bieber’s SNL debut in comedy, had an under-appreciated teacher (Fey) admiring her young student Jason (Bieber).  Bieber sang several songs in appreciation of his teacher including “You’ve got the Motherload” which were part of his teacher’s daydream fantasies.

The skit went on for over 5 minutes.  While Saturday Night Live has fallen a bit lately in terms of its humor, bringing back one of its all time greats can always help.  Tina Fey showed why she was one of the best on the cast.  The skit also puts the older teacher-illegal student relationships under the spotlight, with a humorous twist.  Check out the Tina Fey and Justin Bieber on SNL skit below video YouTube Video!

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