Justin Bieber or Chris Hemsworth–Who Looks Best Topless?

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If you saw Justin Bieber and Chris Hemsworth–both without their shirts–which one do you think might look the best topless? Both are handsome and built a bit differently. But who really looks better sans their shirt?

According to a report from Celebuzz, they’re taking a poll asking readers to decide which handsome hunk they’d prefer to see topless. Which guy do you think will receive the most yays or the most nays?

Justin BieberIt’s probably important to keep in mind that Chris Hemsworth has age on his side. He’s had more time to grow into his sexy physique. But on the other hand, it’s only fair to mention that Justin Bieber has most definitely been doing something in the bulking up category. He is developing a very defined chest and torso, too!

You can check out photos of both Chris and Justin by clicking here. And while visiting that link you can actually vote in the Celebuzz poll if you’d like.

So what’s your honest opinion? Does Chris Hemsworth trump Justin Bieber–at least for now? If so, he’d better watch out! Justin is only 17, and in the next couple of years could develop a physique to blow an assortment of extremely buff guys right out of the water.

So who’s your choice for shirtless handsome hunk? Is it Chris? Is it Justin?

Let’s step up the competition just a tiny bit. If you don’t want to vote for either Justin Bieber or Chris Hemsworth–then how about creating your own ‘write-in’ candidate? If given that option, who might you choose?

Fans certainly know who Selena Gomez would choose!

Photo Sources: Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth

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