Justin Bieber ‘Otis’ Freestyle Rap: Will JB Work With DJ Premier Soon?

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The Justin Bieber ‘Otis’ freestyle rap recently spit by the young singer live on the radio may lead him to future rap work. While the legitimacy of Bieber’s has been questioned, this could lead to a gig with hip-hop legend DJ Premier.

As many continue to talk about Justin Bieber’s baby scandal with Mariah Yeater, others are looking for proof that he can truly freestyle. Websites like The Smoking Section pointed out that Bieber may have used a ghost writer to pen his latest rap verse over the Jay-Z and Kanye West “Otis” track. Bieber seemed to have quite a flow off the top of his head, leading many to question his skills.

Previously, there had been controversy or at least rumors that DJ Premier banned Justin Bieber from participating in the freestyle rap cyphers at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards show. Premier thought that Ludacris was writing up a verse for Bieber to perform, which was in fact denied later. Premier now says he’s open to working with Bieber, if he writes his own verse. The original hip-hop pioneer commented and joked:

“I’d love to work with him, just as long as he writes it. He’s gotta sit there in front of me and write it. I’d love to work with him and it would be dope. At the cyphers, I said yo, I’m down for him to spit it, but if somebody writes your rap, you can’t do it. That was my only comment. Even though I said, ‘Write your own rhymes honey and all that’–I’ma jokester, I could do that and it wasn’t even a diss.”

With the recent remarks by Jermaine Dupri saying Justin should stick to singing, it seems DJ Premier has a different perspective on this all. Premier may realize that Bieber is a talented artist and that working with him could lead to big things for former GangStarr DJ as well. Premier’s been known to drop some great beats for rap legends like Jay-Z and Nas, so it would be interesting to hear what he could cook up for Justin Bieber!

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