Justin Bieber Pampers Selena Gomez With a Foot Rub (Photo)

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Justin Bieber knows how to keep his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, happy. The Biebs can be seen in a new photo pampering the Wizards of Waverly Place star with a foot rub. Selena seems to be enjoying the massage in the picture. (Lucky girl.)

A shirtless Justin Bieber has a blank expression on his face as he rubs Selena Gomez’s feet. Perhaps the funniest thing about the photo is that Bieber is wearing a hat with the word “Obey” printed on it. Could this be an indication of the cute couple’s relationship?

New jelena pic and is justin rubbing selena's feet? xD on TwitpicAs Bieber and Gomez stir up emotions in fans with their heavy duty PDA, it’s easy to see that the pair have an obvious connection. Whether they’re strolling the beach, or engaged in a steamy make out session, they look to be smitten with each other.

However, the issue with most “Beliebers” seems to be that their idol may be “whipped,” and that Selena Gomez could be the wrong girl for him. What fans need to understand is that teenage romance is intense and fleeting. Justin Bieber is capable of making his own decisions. Let’s all hope they’re good ones.

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