Justin Bieber Plans Shocking Song Release in February

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Justin Bieber has a lot going on his life right now. He may or may not be single, he is on tour and he is writing music for his next album. The 18-year-old is still working on the tricky transformation from teen dream to legit musician. So far, he has done fairly well and has actually won over some of the older “haters.” He isn’t there yet, but it sounds as if he as something up his sleeve to complete the transformation.

In a new interview with Maclean’s Magazine, Justin revealed he has a big surprise in store for his fans. He plans on releasing a new song that will “shock” his fans. What could it be? He has vowed to never get too dirty and resort to foul language to bolster his image. Will it be a song about his relationship with Selena? Justin’s manager Scooter Braun confirms the news and further heightens the anticipation, “Think of the wildest thing you can think of and thing: more.”

It certainly sounds exciting. Justin is adamant he be taken seriously be his peers and adds, “I don’t just want to a teen heartthrob.” He has some lofty goals and plans on being right at the top with the likes of Michael Jackson.

Can he do it? As long as he keeps it together and avoids the pitfalls of celebrity, Justin Bieber should do just fine.

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