Justin Bieber Plays Dodgeball with Questions About His Love Life

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It’s reached the point where Justin Bieber is repeatedly interrogated–er–questioned about his relationships more often than he’s asked about his music.  Everyone wants to know if he’s dating somebody special.   And if the answer is yes, then who’s the lucky girl?  Front runner Selena Gomez; sidelined Demi Lovato;  former favorite Jasmine Villegas; or some as yet unknown and unacknowledged Bieber fever sufferer.   

According to Bop and Tiger Beat Magazine, Justin, who split from Villegas some time ago and has repeatedly denied amorous connections to Lovato and Gomez, played it cool and cagey when asked about his relationship status in a recent MTV interview. 

“I think that people are always gonna be interested in my personal lifeÂ…” the teen idol mused.  “But I gotta keep some things to myself. IÂ’m just having fun being a teenager.” 

Fair enough.  And succinctly yet circuitously stated.  It is interesting that Bieber made this non-committal yet curiously open-ended statement in answer to a specific question about his “love connection” (or lack thereof) with Gomez.  So, by insisting on trying to “keep some things” to himself, Bieber neither confirmed nor denied the  rumors of a Bieber/Gomez love connection.  He simply told MTV to mind their own business, and he did it quite diplomatically at that.  Compare that reply to Justin’s far more definitive statement about Gomez in an earlier interview:  “I think Selena’s pretty, but I don’t like her.” Right. 

So the beat goes on, and the same questions remain.  Why did Selena Gomez discard her purity ring before she boarded Justin Bieber’s tour bus?  Why has Justin’s patent “I don’t like her” denial dissolved into a coy: “I’m just having fun as a teen?”   And, will the world ever learn the truth?

(Answers:  Only she knows;  only he knows; and no one knows.)

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