Justin Bieber Posts 15-Year-Old’s Phone Number on Twitter, Claims It’s His

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Singer Justin Bieber has one less fan tonight—Kevin Kristopik’s dad, Mike Kristopik.

Why? Justin Bieber broadcast Kevin’s cell phone number via Twitter on Saturday, claiming it was his. The result, Kevin’s phone received around 26,000 text messages from all over the world. Text messages that his father, Mike, will be responsible for paying for, as the bill is his.

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 11: Justin Bieber attends a press conference to present a check to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for Flood Relief at the Bridgestone Arena on August 11, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

So, what did the tweet say? According to Gawker, Justin tweeted:

“everyone call me 248-[redacted] :) or text”

Then he left it up just long enough to get the chain of re-tweets going before deleting it.

Why would Bieber do such a thing? Stories vary, but the consensus is that Kristopik had used a friend of Bieber’s (or the friend’s Twitter account) to get the singer’s phone number.

Kevin Kristopik is quoted as saying, “I kind of meddled into his life a little bit. He decided to take revenge on me.”

Due to the “revenge,” Kevin has deleted his Twitter account and changed his cell phone number to stop the calls.

People are already debating whether Biebs will be in hot water for his tweet. Justin is “not likely to face criminal charges,” according to attorney Robert Goldman, who spoke with E! Online about the subject. If anything, Bieber could face a civil suit, and even then the Kristopiks would have to prove that Justin Bieber’s Tweet actually caused damages.

After all, Bieber could have posted something like, “Hey, this moron at 248-whatever is bothering me. Sic ‘em!” But, he didn’t. He pretended that the phone number was his.

Besides, Kevin Kristopik is the one who gave the phone number out to begin with, when he texted Justin. So, if Mike Kristopik goes after anyone for the money to pay the cell phone bill, it should be his own son.

With freedom to text comes responsibility. Sounds like Kevin Kristopik needs to get his Michigan work permit (or start corn detasseling) before his father’s cell phone bill comes in.

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