Justin Bieber Posts Insane RantingTweets–Was He Hacked or High?

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Justin Bieber recently posted some extremely strange messages on Twitter. In fact, the his random rants were so bizarre, they can only mean one of three things. The teen idol is having a mental meltdown, or he was drunk and/or high when he wrote them, or he’s been hacked. Oops.

Hold on to your hats beliebers, because this is going to be weird. On Sunday, July 15, Biebs took to his Twitter pages as he does daily, only this time what he wrote was more than funny. It was insulting, nonsensical, and sometimes just plain nasty. The fan sites are already calling the flurry of outrageous tweets “Justin’s random twitter hour.”

Actually, the first tweet was pretty tame–especially since Justin has such a reputation for being a joker and prankster, not to mention a normally horny teenager.

“I’m going skinnydipping in Melbourne,” JB informed his fans. “come find me!”

Next came a mean, double entendre scatological comment about his songwriting abilities–or lack thereof. Of course, that could also be a joke, but it’s pretty much out of character for JB.

“Do do do do do do do do do do,” he wrote. “Those are the most meaningful lyrics on my album ?#catchingfeelings?”

Self-inflicted ouch.

Next came a really weird one about actress Emma Stone. As all good beliebers know, Justin Bieber once yelled out: “I love you!” to La Stone at an awards show in 2011 right in front of Selena Gomez.

“Emma Stone, I love you,” the “Boyfriend” singer tweeted. “Didn’t know u weren’t really a redhead.”

Poor Emma.

His next tweet was short and mysterious. It could have referred to his earlier “skinnydipping” message or to the discovery of Stone’s true hair color. The cryptic tweet read simply:

“Damn u glass walls.”

The final tweet was equally interesting and insulting.

“RT @Declan_Bailey1: @justinbieber Why is it when you sing you song like someones holding your testicles?” he asked. “Clever lol.”

Triple ouch.

Lastly, Justin or whoever posted a message to all the people who are, by now, quite understandably, convinced that the tweets were the work of hackers.

“yeah i got inside jokes with almost 25 Million people,” he explained. “Me and my fans…my beliebers….we got something special…. ?#withDanKanter?.”

Well, there you have it. It’s certainly possible that Bieber’s Twitter account has been hacked. It’s happened before–a couple of times with disastrous results. Or could it be that the pressures of world touring, paparazzi punching, and his reportedly tumultuous relationship with Selena Gomez have finally made the pop wunderkind snap? Or was Justin simply drunk or high? After all, the legal drinking age in Australia is 18, so if he was intoxicated, he broke no laws. As for smokeable refreshment, Australia isn’t Holland. Nevertheless, the penalties for pot use are minimal down under–except for driving under the influence which carries harsh punishments, as, of course, it should.

Oh well, eventually, someone will come forward and explain Justin Bieber’s weird tweets. In the meantime, what do you think?

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