Justin Bieber Pranks Fans by Bruising Their Ankles–Funny or Bratty?

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Justin Bieber loves to play pranks and joke around. But a prank he reportedly played on his fans while touring with The Wanted suggests that JB may sometimes get a little too carried away with his practical jokes. Biebs allegedly bashed girl fans’ ankles with his mike stand under the stalls. Yikes!

According to The Wanted’s band member, Siva Kaneswaran, Justin Bieber lived up to his reputation as a notorious prankster during his London and My World South America Tours earlier this year. In fact, the first time The Wanted guys met Biebs, he shot them in the face with an air gun. And, unfortunately, he didn’t stop there.

“After, me and Jay went under the stalls in the O2 Arena because you touch people’s ankles and [we] were taking girls’ shoes off and having a laugh,” recalls Siva. “Justin then came over and took out his mic stand and started bashing ankles! I thought, ‘If these girls knew it was their idol giving them bruises on their ankles they’d go crazy!’ “

Right. The girls would have probably gone weak in the knees if they’d known it was the Teen Dream “giving them bruises” and possibly even abrasions on their lower limbs. However, if this story is true, it raises questions about Justin Bieber’s judgement on how far he pushes the envelope with his pranks. Being jabbed in the shins with a mike stand isn’t like being hit or kicked but it is somewhat painful. And if JB was indeed “bashing” the unsuspecting beliebers hard enough to leave bruises, some of those jabs might have done some damage. Some people are more prone to bruising than others. And some even suffer from medical conditions that make bruising potentially dangerous. If Siva is telling the truth, Biebs’ prank was borderline mean-spirited and irresponsible. Not to mention out of character. Justin has always maintained that he loves and respects his fans above all–often referring to them as his family.

So, the question is why did Justin Bieber do it? Was it simply a desire to “one-up” Siva and Jay? Was he stressed out from the pressures of touring? Was he missing Selena Gomez? Or was he just being–for an isolated moment–bratty?

Good grief. Could Marge Helgenberger have been right all along?

Hopefully not.

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