Justin Bieber pregnant with Megan Fox’s black baby who has Oprah’s Sixth toe removed: Google rumors

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Is Justin Bieber pregnant with Megan Fox’s black baby who had Oprah’s sixth toe removed? No to almost all except the toe part. Oprah Winfrey really had her sixth toe removed. Justin Bieber is not dead, pregnant, or anything else but sixteen. Megan Fox did not abort or molest a black baby.

The Internet rumor mill has gotten so ridiculous as to make Google trends unreliable. Yesterday, I saw the Megan Fox rumor, and went to check it out, and couldn’t even find a reliable lie.

Now, Justin Bieber pregnant is of course laughable, but it is becoming a problem for bloggers who used to rely on Google Trends. Now, we have to check and re-check each source. Although, I must confess that I did not check out the Justin Bieber pregnant top Google Trend as I assume it is another Internet rumor.

There is so much fraud on the Internet that it is making us much wiser and thoughtful. No longer do we believe anything anymore. I just want to remind all of us to check and double check our sources. Just because it’s a top Google Trend does not make it a fact. In fact, it’s probably less reliable than tomorrow’s newspaper used to be.


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