Justin Bieber Punks Fans with Grill

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Justin Bieber is really getting into his new Punk’d role, even when the cameras aren’t around — the Biebs’ latest prank involved him trying to trick his fans into thinking that he’s gone gangsta by tricking out his teeth with a shiny new grill.

The “U Smile” singer’s fans have fallen in love with his perfect smile, so many of them were probably completely freaking out when jeweler Ben Baller posted a photo on Twitter featuring the Biebs and himself. Ben was holding a grill in his hand, and it appeared that the solemn-faced bling king was getting ready to install the hardware in Justin Bieber’s mouth.

Justin Bieber no Billboard Music AwardsIt actually isn’t too hard to believe that the Biebs would get a grill. After all, he’s gone a little bit gangsta lately — he’s worn baggy pants that expose his underwear; rocked a “F**k you and f**k her too!” T-shirt; and tried his hand at rapping as Shawty Mane. However, Justin Bieber refused to swear for his “Trust Issues” remix (much to Drake’s disappointment), so he’s hasn’t gone completely gangster just yet.

And to the relief of Justin Bieber’s fans (and probably also Selena Gomez), he quickly responded to some of his Twitter followers freak-outs over the grill photo by writing, “haha. relax it’s just a joke. no biggie.”

It’s a good thing, too. A Lil Wayne-style grill can be a bit of a mouthful, and it would be horrible if it messed with Justin’s singing ability.

So what prank will the Punk’d host pull next? He’s already tricked Taylor Swift into thinking that she ruined a wedding, and now he’s pulled a fast one on his fans with his grill joke. Maybe he’ll target girlfriend Selena Gomez, or maybe he’ll go after Drake and his dirty mouth. Who do you think he should punk?

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