Justin Bieber Reaches 17 Million Twitter Followers, Can He Topple Lady Gaga?

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It has finally happened! Justin Bieber has reached 17 million Twitter followers! #17MillionBeliebers was a trending topic on Twitter after he reached the number.

Perhaps what is most amazing is the amount of followers he gained in such a short period of time. Just last month, he was at 16 million followers and some wondered if he would be able to get more. In less than a month, he was able to gain over a million followers. That is a pretty impressive feat. As it stands, Bieber almost has the most Twitter followers, but there is one celebrity that has slightly more than that.

Who? Lady Gaga. The Mother Monster has over 18 million followers and seems tobe untouchable, but Beliebers won’t give up without a fight. His Twitter numbers have been growing fast since he reached 17 million.

Some fans wonder if Justin Bieber will be able to gain another million followers in a month again. Do you think that it could happen again and that Bieber can outnumber Lady Gaga on Twitter? Are you one of Justin Bieber’s 17 million followers?

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