Justin Bieber removes left testicle – truth or rumor?

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Justin Bieber removes left testicle is a “Volcanic” Google search tonight.  It’s a cruel world wide web when a young celeb like Justin Bieber can’t catch a break online.  Then again he does Tweet a lot.  As of late Wednesday or evening-early Thursday AM, a top Google trend has people thinking Justin Bieber removes his left testicle.  However, this seems to be yet another sick rumor being spread against Biebs.  The poor kid has been said to have syphilis, be pregnant and even have broken his neck all within the span of a month.  However, none of those were true, even if they made for great celebrity gossip headlines.

Bieber recently enjoyed time in the Bahamas with Kim Kardashian.  During that time, Kim got herself even more haters and enemies by joking that Bieber was her boyfriend.  She even got a picture of herself touching Bieber’s hair.  Bieber joked about it too with his fans, but cleared up misconceptions for all his millions of female fans.  However there may have been some who were still hurt and angry by it all.

Of course it’s possible some silly kid (hopefully not a grown adult) who wants to be as cool as Justin Bieber started up this latest rumor.  There’s been no confirmation or reports that Justin Bieber removes his left testicle for any medical emergency or other reason.  So don’t believe in the hype of the trend which seems to be another Twitter tweet gone awry.

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