Justin Bieber Returns to Scene of First Public Selena Gomez Kiss

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Justin Bieber will be returning to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in what many will mark as the one-year anniversary of his first public kiss with Selena Gomez. It seems hard to believe it was only a year ago these lovely teens got together, publicly anyways.

Since that first public kiss nearly a year ago, the duo is rarely seen apart. They have put on plenty of very public displays of affection over the past year. Justin and Selena are one of the most photographed couples in Hollywood right now. Anytime they are together, it is almost a guarantee there will be some touchy feely moment that photographers love to catch.

Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform at the show this year. He will most likely be giving a live performance of his latest single, “Boyfriend.” Justin’s pals, LMFAO, are also expected to perform during the show scheduled for May 20 at the MGM Grand in Sin City.

Will Selena go along as his date for the event? It is entirely likely, but lately they seem to be cutting back on their red carpet appearances together. They are probably being warned against the possibility of being overexposed in the media. They are a beautiful couple, but sometimes a little mystery goes a long way.

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