Justin Bieber Reveals He ‘Could Be in Love with a Fan’—Selena Gomez Mad? (Video)

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In a recent radio interview, Justin Bieber admitted that he might fall in love with a fan someday. Smiling broadly, he went on to explain that although it hasn’t happened yet, he’ll Never Say Never. Yikes. Did the Biebs just diss his lady-love Selena Gomez? Or was he merely trying to remind her—albeit in an extremely roundabout way—of the reality of their situation?

In a recent radio interview with the Austrian radio station, Hit Radio 03, a Belieber who called in asked the Teen Dream if he’d ever been in love with a fan. Without hesitation, Justin replied:

Not yet, not yet, hasn’t happened yet. But… you know, it could happen. Never Say Never.”

The inquisitive fan was no doubt ecstatic when she heard his reply. But what about Selena Gomez? And what was JB thinking? After botching a question about marriage in another recent interview, he admitted that Selena would be mad if he implied that she wasn’t the “right one.” What will she think after this interview where he speculates about falling in love with a fan at some point in the future? He could have easily said something polite but vague—especially since the Belieber asked him only about the past—not the future. For example, he could have replied:

“I love all my fans, but I’ve never been in love with one.”

But alas, he chose to elaborate.

Was Justin Bieber’s fan-love comment just another faux pas like the botched Selena Gomez marriage question? Or does it, coupled with the marriage question response, indicate that Justin may want Selena Gomez to be aware that their romance isn’t necessarily written in stone. (Poor Selena.)

What do you think?


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