Justin Bieber Reveals His 5 Sexiest Dating Secrets (Video)

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In a recent interview, Justin Bieber revealed his secrets for dating hot girls and keeping them happy. Whether or not these were the dating tips that JB used to romance his Disney darling lady-love, Selena Gomez, is unknown. However, according to the Biebs, they work. Or at least they’ve worked for him. So listen up boy beliebers and prepare to take notes. Girl beliebers, just enjoy. You’re about to hear everything from the Teen Dream’s favorite pick-up line to the music he uses to set the mood for love.

For date mood music, JB favors Boys II Men which he considers “always a good look.”

Predictably, Biebs’ favorite dating activity is going out to eat. And why not, he still a growing boy–er–man. Whatever. Although he didn’t mention his favorite restaurants, all true beliebers already know they include Sizzlers, Olive Garden, and Benihana’s.

When it comes to giving girls gifts, JB is astonishingly low-key and traditional.

“Probably…although girls like diamonds and stuff,” advises Justin, “they also like the simple things. Like flowers and candy…”

Well, that’s a relief. After all, not every aspiring boyfriend can afford diamonds–or a Staples Center rental for the night.

But what about Justin’s gifts? What sorts of presents does he like receiving from girls? He likes to receive cards for “different things.” Some are gift cards “like for free massages and stuff.” When asked if he meant sexual favor cards, Justin grinningly denied it.

“No, not sexual favors,” JB smirked–er–smiled. “Different things. Nice things. Like…’do laundry.’ “

Justin loves getting free laundry and massage cards. Who knew? Well, Selena Gomez probably did, but who else would have guessed?

Anyway, moving right along, Justin Bieber really likes his women dressed in short-shorts. Duh. Surely almost everyone has noticed how often Selena Gomez shows up on the red carpet in designer outfits featuring short-shorts, and she’s photographed a lot in daisy dukes. Now, you know why. To reiterate: “Duh.”

As for Justin Bieber’s favorite pick up line, click here.

And then watch him explain his dating tips in person–sort of–on the video below.

Never Say Never.

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