Justin Bieber Reveals His Favorite Gift Ever: From Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber has been promoting his new holiday album, Under the Mistletoe, big-time—that is, aside from his break a short time ago to visit girlfriend Selena Gomez on tour in Canada. Even Billboard magazine has devoted a festive, red and green cover featuring a suave-looking Bieber along with an entire story to his bit of Christmas cheer. The glossy hits news stands on Monday, October 31 and Mistletoe debuts the day after, on November 1. However, there has been enough talk and praise of the album and its glowing collaborations and vocals. What’s most interesting about the Billboard piece are some little tidbits revealed by Bieber, like what his favorite gift ever was!

Given all the talk of Bieber’s holiday song sets, it’s only natural to lead to more chatter about the pop sensation’s Christmas plans, presents, and even his generous philosophy on giving back. Bieber definitively told Billboard he’ll be with his family over the holidays, despite his jam-packed schedule. “I make sure I take time off to be with them around Christmastime,” he said. No doubt Selena Gomez will be part of that equation, too!

As for that best gift ever, it’s not some sappy present from Selena or some mega-watt, high-dollar item, it’s actually a simple bike. “My favorite gift I ever got was my first bike, which was a red bike. It was right after I learned how to ride a two-wheeler,” admitted Bieber. Can’t get much more down-to-earth and unpretentious than that.

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgAnother sign of Justin Bieber’s unaffected attitude? His willingness to give back to his community and to the myriad charities, such as Pencils of Promise, he supports. Bieber said, “I remember growing up not having a lot, especially around Christmastime. We had to get stuff from the food bank, so one of the charities we’re helping out is the food bank in my town… that’s something positive I can do with what God’s given me.”

What a star! Justin Bieber not only has the holidays covered with countless appearances and promotional activities for Under the Mistletoe (sure to all yield huge dollar signs for his bank account), he also hasn’t lost the true holiday spirit and the real meaning of Christmas. Selena Gomez certainly has a huge gift of her own in boyfriend Bieber.

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