Justin Bieber Reveals His Most Disgusting Kiss Ever

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In a recent interview, Justin Bieber revealed his most disgusting kissing experience ever. No, it wasn’t with Mariah Yeater. JB’s gross kiss was with a cold, inhuman creature. No, for the last time, it wasn’t Mariah Yeater. This creature wasn’t even alive. It was cold because it was dead, and unlike La Yeater, it had a legitimate excuse for being inhuman. It was a fish. Yikes.

So, what on earth made the Teen Dream want to pucker up and lock lips with a creature that had already shuffled off its poor little piscine mortal coil? The same thing that makes all adolescent boys do weird, often disgusting, and sometimes even dangerous things. Somebody dared him to do it. Poor Biebs. His aquatic smooching partner had reportedly been deceased so long that it was already “smelly.” Sounds like one occasion when JB should have said “Never.”

”The worst dare I ever did was kissing a fish,” Justin recalled. “It was dead. It was pretty gross.”

Right. Justin Bieber chose not to divulge how old he was at the time or whether the dare involved money. It if was indeed a bet, he obviously won it, and hopefully his pay off was enough to buy a large bottle of mouthwash.

Note: Does Selena Gomez know about this? If not, hopefully she won’t find out when she’s about to kiss her “Boyfriend” goodnight. Or good morning. Or anything.

Just saying.

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