Justin Bieber Robbed by Miley Cyrus’ Sister Noah—Seriously

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Justin Bieber’s been robbed. Of course, he might not know it yet. Miley Cyrus’ little sister Noah has confessed to stealing the Teen Dream’s clothes recently from an awards show dressing room. Ouch.

In the May issue of Teen Vogue, Noah Cyrus admitted she committed a crime. Miley’s little sister revealed that she was so enamored of Justin that when she finally got the chance to meet him, she “freaked out” and made off with a bunch of his belongings. It was sort of like taking keep sakes or personal souvenirs to remember him by.

“When I met Justin Bieber, I could barely speak,” the 14-year-old recalls. I was just going crazy. It was at an awards show in Canada, and after he went out and changed for his next set, I kind of stole his clothes. He doesn’t know it yet. Miley’s stylist dressed him for the event and they had his stuff, so I took it home. Justin was my first love.”

Yes. Well, that takes the concept of hero worship to a whole new level, doesn’t it.

Oh well, there you have it. While Noah will no doubt, hopefully have other loves in her life, she’ll certainly never forget her first—even if she lives to be 100. Give the girl credit, she’s given new meaning to the trite old phrase “what I did for love”.

Click here to see a pic of Noah Cyrus with her first ever one and only.

Note to Noah: Don’t worry about having to confess your theft to JB, Honey. He probably knows about it now.

Just saying.

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