Justin Bieber–Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Appearance Not Live

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Beliebers need to take notice here. Justin Bieber’s appearance at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting on November 30th won’t be a live one. So if you were planning to line up near 30 Rock–save your sanity and watch the Biebs on TV instead.

According to a report from DNAInfo.com, reports have been circulating that Justin would be live at the infamous tree light ceremony. And while he will in fact be very much alive–he won’t even be in New York City.

Justin BieberIf you’re upset about this sudden change in plans, you have no one to blame but President Obama. The president? What does he have to do with Justin Bieber and his live or not-so-live NYC appearance?

Well, it seems that the president is scheduled to arrive in New York just a couple of hours prior to the tree-lighting ceremony–and the gridlock that will cause won’t allow Justin Bieber to get to Rockefeller Center in time.

Now bear in mind that this change will only impact those Justin Bieber fans who planned to see the Baby and Under the Mistletoe singer in person. You will still be able to see Justin–it will simply have to be on TV.

President Obama is likely to get some flack about usurping Justin Bieber’s trip into New York City–but yes, the president is allowed precedence over the Biebs. While that may not seem fair or even real to some people–it is in fact the cold, hard truth. Now if fans could get the president up on stage to sing Under the Mistletoe or Baby–then Bieber followers might be just a tad bit less upset over the whole situation. What do you suppose the chances of that are?

Does this mean that Justin will get a free evening off–perhaps to spend with girlfriend Selena Gomez? She likely won’t be complaining about this last-minute change of plans!

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