Justin Bieber Rocks New Tattoo: What Is the Significance of 1975?

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Justin Bieber just added to his growing tattoo collection, this time having the area under his collar bone inked with the Roman numbers that spell out 1975. Well, actually, the numbers are separated so that they read one, then nine, then seven, then five.

So, while this new tat may not be one that Beliebers should believe stands for a particular year on the calendar, that’s the immediate connection many pundits are making.

One of those pundits is a person who The Biebs knows: music producer Jamal Rashid, who apparently rocks the same, or at least a similar, tattoo as Justin does.

Rashid says the numbers of their mutual tattoos hold spiritual meanings, but what are they? Well, it’s not the year Justin Bieber’s mom was born. And it’s certainly not a year in which the pop star, who is only 18, can remember. So what is it? Why is Bieber marking up his body with numbers that make no sense to the uninitiated?

Do you have any idea? Do you have any idea why Justin Bieber is so attracted to tattoos? Is he addicted to getting this kind of body art? After all, this teen celebrity recently had another inked that shows a Canadian hockey team’s logo. Now that’s a spiritual tattoo that turns up obvious influence and probably some spiritual meaning for The Biebs as well. But 1975? How does he relate to that?

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