Justin Bieber Rocks Sexy ‘Boyfriend’ Hair: Selena Gomez Would Approve!

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Justin Bieber is all grown up, or so it seems. The pop sensation just recently turned 18, and with that milestone celebration, he may be leaving behind some of his younger teeny-bopper cuteness, exchanging it for pure hotness. It’s a transition that his, ahem, older girlfriend, Selena Gomez, 19, has already made, what with her sultry stage attire and a provocative role in the upcoming Spring Breakers movie. Her Disney days at Waverly Place are but a memory now, albeit a not-so-distant one! Bieber’s latest display of more mature sexiness is his cover shoot for his Boyfriend album, which yielded some hunky photos to which Gomez certainly would give her stamp of approval.

Besides the fact that Justin Bieber is the subject, one of the main reasons the shots are so successful is because of the styling, especially that of the Biebs’ hair. Long a signature for the “Baby” singer, his hair has more or less grown up with him — from that shaggy, side-swept ‘do to a shorter crop to a new slick and sleek look.

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgAccording to Hollywood Life, celebrity hairstylist Vanessa Price is the genius behind Bieber’s hair for Boyfriend. She revealed, “He is growing into an adult, so we decided that his style should reflect that… We looked to the legendary James Dean for our inspiration.” Indeed, it’s not hard to spot a touch of that handsome, edgy Rebel Without a Cause icon who made plenty of girls swoon in his time. Selena Gomez is no doubt doing her own bit of swooning over Bieber’s look.

As for how Price achieved Justin Bieber’s laid-back but incredibly sexy style, which has the same slightly messy swoop as Dean often rocked, it was a matter of just two products. Hollywood Life confirms that she applied Oribe Hair Care Creme to his damp hair, blow-dried it back and then finished it all off with the Oribe Hair Care Original Pomade. Simple as that to achieve a look that is Boyfriend and girlfriend approved!

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