Justin Bieber Says ‘I Love You’ to Special Woman, Not Selena Gomez!

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It has been an odd day for Justin Bieber. On the heels of rumors about One Direction’s Harry Styles taking a fancy for both Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez’s mothers, Justin blew up during an interview. This prompted the “Believe” singer to get a little philosophical on his Twitter feed on Friday evening.

Justin Bieber tweeted a simple message to his mother, who was completely disrespected earlier in the day during a radio interview, “love u mom.”

He then followed with this gem, tweeting, “hope everyone has a great weekend and stays positive and looks for the good in people and each other. respect is earned not given. ALL LOVE.” The question is who is this directed toward?

Was Justin talking to Harry Styles, telling him to “can it” when it comes to his mother or Selena’s? Was he talking about the radio interviewer who rudely asked Justin Bieber about Harry Styles sleeping with his mom? Was it just a random statement to his 24 million followers?

Whatever the case, the point is made. Justin is going to stay positive, though he will only respect those who respect him. Oh, and of course, he will always love his mom and defend her!

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