Justin Bieber Scam on Facebook?

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If a Justin Bieber link pops up on your Facebook page, especially if it seems out of the ordinary for your particular feed, you may want to think twice before clicking on the link (if you weren’t already!).

“I can’t believe a GIRL did this because of Justin Bieber,” reads the link, which then takes you to a fake page with an age disclaimer, making you “like” the page prior to being allowed to view. Once you’ve liked the page, though, rather than taking you to the video (one that was potentially questionable anyhow, given that you need to be age 16 or older to watch), it posts the fake post on your Facebook page instead, continuing the scam.

Justin Bieber On set

While it is unlikely that the Justin Bieber link is going to be circulating much longer – if at all at this point – take caution if you see any Bieber-related posts on your Newsfeed or wall. You don’t want to be outed as a closet Justin Bieber fan, now, do you?

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