Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Belated Birthday Party Video Surfaces (Video)

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Justin Bieber’s birthday is turning out to be a gift that keeps on giving. A video of the Teen Dream’s belated birthday party has just hit the Web. For those who are having trouble keeping track of JB’s parties, gifts, guests, and well-wishers, the second birthday bash was the one Selena Gomez flew in from Florida to attend. It was also the star-studded celebration with lots of celebrities coming together to help the Biebs ring in the big 1-8. It looks like everyone was having the time of his/her life, but be warned. The video’s quality is not the best. On the other hand, watching it (below) conveys some idea of how much fun everyone was having—especially the birthday boy.

Justin Bieber’s second 18th birthday party generated even more excitement than his first—largely because his lady-love Selena Gomez was in attendance. It was also suggested by some JB fan sites that Justin and Selena got drunk at the second party. Whatever. Drunk or sober, eyewitnesses’ later provided rapturous descriptions of wildly passionate, practically non-stop Jelena PDA.

“He was all over Selena the whole time,” reported a partygoer, “walking her around by the hand. He kept kissing her. It’s clear she was the best part of the night for him.”

Sadly, despite the plethora of photos showing Justin and Selena exchanging birthday hugs and smooches, there’s no Jelena PDA on the video. At approximately the 0:22 mark, La Gomez can be seen in the crowd dancing in her sexy strapless red satin dress to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen belting out her hit, Call Me Baby. Near the end of the clip, JB moves out of the crowd to bust a few hot dance and hair-smoothing moves in front of Jepsen and Ashley Tisdale. Other celebrity guests included Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Mike Tyson, Cody Simpson, Jaden Smith, and, of course, Kim Kardashian.

“Everyone danced all night,” mused another partygoer which seems about right judging from the video. However, the fabled man of the hour “largely stuck by [Selena] Gomez’s side.”

Awww. Enjoy the video.

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