Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Cool Electric Car/Drive Through Lunch Date

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are surely the perfect teen lovebirds for this era. Beautiful, talented, and squeaky clean, they’re obviously totally in love, and their love will surely keep them together. But, even if it doesn’t, they’ll always have their other love–the love of fast food. On April 6, Jelena had their third fast food lunch date in a row, and, this time, it was a drive through date. They were spotted at Chick-fil-A in L.A. in Justin’s shiny new electric car.

Yes, JB and his Spring Breakers star lady-love rolled up to the drive through window at Chick-fil-A in his new Fisker Karma electric car which was a birthday present from his friend and manager Scooter Braun. Although the Biebs tried to remain incognito by sporting a long black knit cap and a pair of giant sunglasses, it’s highly unlikely that anyone missed his “blindingly shiny chrome Fisker Karma” which retails for about $106,000. It was sort of like the time he tried to remain incognito at the beach by sporting a gold face mask and a rolled up pant leg revealing his Jesus tattoo. Duh. Selena Gomez’s Chick-Fil-A outfit remains unknown. However once they got their chicken and drinks, the couple headed for the Jim Henson Studios.

Justin Bieber is obviously enjoying spending a lot of quality time with Selena, but he’s also eager to embark on another world tour. He misses his fans. Later that evening, he tweeted a sweet and reassuring message to his global family of beliebers.

“Miss traveling,” Justin wrote. “miss promo. miss tour. miss seeing all of you AROUND THE WORLD! Im will be there soon. #BELIEVE”


Oh well, click here to see pics of Justin and Selena at Chick-Fil-A in his silvery electric ride. Enjoy. And even more importantly: Believe.

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