Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Embarrasing Public Dinner Date Fight–Horrifying New Details

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A couple of weeks ago, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. Yet, somehow, planet Earth continued to spin on its unbelieving axis while its human inhabitants waited with bated breath for Jelena to reconcile. On November 15, a ray of hope appeared. JB and his lady-love had a date at The Laugh Factory, after which they spent the night together, after which they enjoyed a lunch date at the Four Seasons Hotel. Planet Earth’s inhabitants breathed a collective sigh of hopeful relief. Jelena was on the mend. Or not. On November 16, Selena and the Biebs met for dinner at Yamato Japanese restaurant in Encino, California. So far, their reunion dates had gone well. The Yamato restaurant dinner, not so much.

According to eyewitnesses, ten minutes after their arrival, Justin and Selena’s cozy dinner date transmogrified into a screaming, shrieking, embarrassingly public brawl. Before the onlookers’ very eyes, it turned into the date from Hell.

“All of a sudden someone was yelling,” a shocked onlooker revealed, “and I was like how embarrassing to have a fight in public. Then I realized it was Selena Gomez and she was having a fight with Justin Bieber. She was so mad she was crying and just stormed out of the restaurant. Justin followed behind her and looked upset. He looked kind of shocked like ‘what just happened?’ I felt really really sorry for them.”

Yikes. Poor Justin and Selena! All that screaming and yelling, and they didn’t even get to sample the appetizers. Justin reportedly followed the Spring Breakers star out of the restaurant “with his head bowed” and his tail presumably tucked firmly between his legs. The rest of the story is already well known. Selena locked him out of her house, where he waited forlornly at the gate for 30 minutes before giving up and taking off.

So, is this the end of Jelena? Probably not.

Some relationships are about sex. Chris Brown and Rihanna come, most famously, to mind. Others, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are about rearing children. Still others revolve around work, pets, travel, family connections, or, sadly sometimes, similar forms of psychopathology. And some are all about drama. It seems Justn Bieber and Selena Gomez have a real flair for it, and unlike ordinary couples, they get to play out the drama of their relationship on the world’s stage.

Good grief! Selena Gomez and JB may be the junior grade Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of this generation.

Stay tuned.

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