Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Hawaiian Love Fest Video — JB Tweets Fans He’s Happy

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Believe it or not, the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez PDAs that have enraged jealous beliebers and made the rest of the world, including true-blue beliebers sigh, “Awwww!” have been preserved for posterity on video. Well, some of them anyway. And lest anyone think that the Biebs’ romance with Monte Carlo star, Selena Gomez, is just an overblown publicity stunt, the Never Say Never man himself recently sent his fans a message via Twitter conveying his happiness.

“Blue skys,” Tweeted the Biebs, adding, “I am so happy right now.”

Sweet. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber and the woman responsible for his new-found happiness seem to have thrown caution completely to the winds with their ubiquitous displays of often intense affection in public. In fact, the voiceover on the video, which you can watch below, clearly states that the teen dream and his Latin Girl are being “quite open about their feelings. The lovebirds couldn’t care any less about the paparazzi and went wild on their vacation.”

Yes, tell us about it. “Jelena” or “Bomez” have been photographed doing everything, from grabbing each other’s butts on the beach to lip-locking on a jet ski. Whether it’s the balmy tropical climate or just good old-fashioned hormones, Justin Bieber’s Hawaiian vacation has turned the formerly reticent, camera-shy couple into a paparazzo’s dream. In fact, the almost pathologically close-mouthed Gomez has opened up and finally admitted to the press that she’s in love with Justin Bieber. As if the world hadn’t already figured that one out.

So what’s next for the second most famous couple in the world? It will be interesting to see what happens when the carefree teenage lovebirds return stateside to resume the quotidian reality of their lives and, especially, their demanding careers. It’s a pity they can’t stay as they are at this moment, frozen in a picture-perfect postcard of romance. Hopefully, they’ll always remain as in love as they are now. Time will tell. Meanwhile, they’re happily lost in paradise.

Note: So, is “Jelena” now the most famous couple in the world? Or is it still Angelina Jolie and Brad What’s His-Name?

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