Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Kaput—Is Greg Sulkin Her New Boyfriend?

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It’s official. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are through. Now what? Well, there may already be an answer to that. In the past week, which is, according to reports, how long it’s been since Jelena actually imploded, Selena has been photographed hanging out with her hunky Wizards of Waverly Place film costar, Greg Sulkin. And not once but three times. And while the pics weren’t explicitly or even implicitly sexual, they were cute, cuddly, and romantic.

On Halloween, La Gomez tweeted a photo from the set which was theoretically work-related. In it, she and Sulkin, who plays her younger brother in the film, are cuddling in closeup. She’s smiling at the camera and clutching his arm affectionately with both hands.

Selena tweeted the second pic with a somewhat disturbing, teasing caption. In it, she and Greg are lying on their backs on the floor. Although there’s a respectable distance between them, she’s gazing at him. Her caption reads: “Shooting at 2 am and this is where me and Greg end up…” That photo which you can see here was posted by Selena on November 7—the night Justin spent cavorting with Victoria’s Secret models in New York.

The third pic was the charm however, and it was also the most romantic. Furthermore, it was the only one posted by Greg on WhoSay. Described as a “fun and flirty pic of Selena and himself looking romantically in the sky while he appears to have his arm around her,” the super closeup pic makes the two look like a starry-eyed couple gazing toward a future together. Yikes. If that didn’t make Justin Bieber jealous then nothing could. And apparently nothing did, because they broke up instead.

And therein lies the billion dollar question. Is Greg Sulkin Selena Gomez’s new romantic interest? Or is Sulkin just a friend who helped her try to make her now-ex “Boyfriend” jealous after his flagrant flirtation with the VS model?

Click here to see the third and most romantic pic of La Gomez and Greg Sulkin. What do you think?

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