Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Real-Life PDA Videotaped on ‘Boyfriend’ Set (Video)

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Remember back in the day–circa last month–when Justin Bieber got a surprise visit from Selena Gomez on the set of his new hit music video? The second most famous couple in the world packed on some serious PDA that afternoon, and unlike the sexy shenanigans enjoyed by JB and his video vixen model Rachel Barnes, Jelena’s PDA was one hundred percent real. No acting. Which is no doubt, why some clever voyeur–er–pap or fan followed Selena and her “Boyfriend” around as they frolicked happily among the crowds of stylists, cameramen, technicians, and other assorted Team Bieber crew members.

As you can see on the finished product below, a good time seemed to be had by all; especially Jelena. Actually, the couple’s PDA was, for them, quite tame. As you probably recall this was the day Selena and Justin were photographed locked passionately in a hot embrace with her straddling him and him sweeping her literally, off her feet. Unfortunately, the fan/pap/stalker or whatever missed that golden moment. Instead, the camera follows JB and Selena around at a leisurely pace as they hold hands, hug, and occasionally, sweetly kiss. Interestingly, Selena is wearing a sexy outfit very much like Rachel Barnes’ ensemble–black/brown boots, asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder top, and cut-offs. The only difference is the color of their respective short-shorts. Barnes’ are denim; Selena’s are black. Did La Gomez choose her outfit as a cagey way of reinforcing the message that Justin Bieber is her boyfriend–for real? Possibly, but it’s more likely that she chose her clothes simply because they were comfortable and looked good.

It has been suggested by disgruntled Beliebers on some JB fan sites that Selena seemed to stalk away to her vehicle at the end in a diva-esque manner, as if something had upset or angered her. That, too, is possible. Or maybe it was just time to go.

Anyway, for better or worse, Selena and the Biebs are still steady as they go as evinced by this video.

Enjoy. Or hate, if you must, but hopefully, you won’t.

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