Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Romantic Miami Hotel Hideaway–Did She Sleep Over?

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Justin Bieber seems to be following Selena Gomez from venue to venue on her ongoing We Own the Night Tour. Some websites are already referring to the teen idol as Selena Gomez’s number 1 groupie. Cute. But no one could accuse JB of travelling like a groupie or of living like one on the road. That obvious fact was evinced by the Mondrian Hotel suite he rented to be near Selena in South Beach, Florida. Of course, La Gomez wasn’t registered at the hotel with him, but she visited more than once. At least one of those visits was late at night.

Reportedly, Justin Bieber checked into the Mondrian hotel with “an older, bigger guy,” whose description sounds a lot like JB’s long-time bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton. Later, however, eyewitnesses reported seeing Selena Gomez and JB together in the hotel over the weekend.

“I did see Selena at the hotel with Justin on Saturday,” reported one insider. “I think they were hanging out at the swimming pool together. Sean Kingston was with Justin at the hotel a lot, too.”

“Justin and Selena came into the hotel late Saturday night, it was just the two of them,” another source recalls. “They were holding hands and seemed really happy. The last time I saw Justin was on Sunday, I think he checked out Sunday or Monday.”

Hmm. Justin and Selena were spotted alone together at the hotel late Saturday night. And they weren’t seen or heard from again till the Biebs’ checkout time on Sunday or Monday? Where could they have been? And what were they doing? Of course, the question is as always: did Selena Gomez sleep over in JB’s posh hotel suite? Or perhaps the question should be: did Selena Gomez stay over in JB’s posh hotel suite without sleeping… very much?

Alas, only the Never Say Never guy and his Monte Carlo lady-love will ever know the truth. But while you’re trying to decide what you think transpired between them, you can click here to see photos of the luxurious romantic hideaway where Selena Gomez either did or did not sleep over. The Teen Dream’s room was the 1,275 sq. ft./118.45 sqm Deluxe Two-Bedroom Bay-View Balcony Suite. It boasts a “balcony view, two double beds, a living room, a kitchen area, 24-hour room service, flat-screen HDTVs, and a bathroom.” It rents for $665.00 plus tax per night.

So, what do you think Justin and Selena did in his palatial Mondrian suite? Watch T.V., play video games, or discuss ideas for the rest of her tour?

Hint: This wouldn’t be the first time Justin Bieber and Selena shared a hotel suite together.

Just saying.

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