Justin Bieber Set to Gawk at Victoria’s Secret Models – Sorry, Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber is set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The Biebs must be pretty excited about the chance to serenade supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio, and he’s probably the envy of plenty of other male singers – One Direction member Harry Styles must be devastated that he won’t get the chance to hit on a Victoria’s Secret angel, and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine would have loved to pick out a new girlfriend straight from the runway.

Instead of rocking out with Harry Styles or another male singer, Justin will be joined by Rihanna, who could use the lingerie show to pick out a few future concert outfits. There’s no word on if Selena Gomez will attend the event to make sure that her boyfriend doesn’t stare at the sexy models (or Rihanna) too much, but if Selena doesn’t get to join Justin, hopefully he’ll at least snag a few bras to take home to her.

Selena Gomez might want to make sure that her man brings plenty of water with him to the show. Justin Bieber recently made headlines by throwing up during a concert, and he later blamed this embarrassing moment on drinking milk before performing.

Hopefully Justin’s stomach is settled before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – just imagine how mortifying it would be to vomit in front of a bunch of beautiful women in their underwear. Living every man’s fantasy could quickly become a nightmare.

But don’t just tune in to the December 4 show to see if the Biebs barfs again – it will also be fun to see which model gets to wear this year’s jewel-encrusted bra worth millions of dollars. Perhaps Ri-Ri should get the honor of rocking it since she’s just as sexy as the supermodels, or maybe the Biebs should get a pair of diamond-encrusted boxers instead. Who knows? Maybe Justin will buy this year’s Fantasy bra as a Christmas gift for Selena.

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