Justin Bieber Sex Doll Hits Retail Market

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Why? A Justin Bieber sex doll, dubbed ‘Justin Beaver’, has hit the retail market. Why do smut companies feel they must infringe on relatively clean-cut society? The As Long As You Love Me singer has an innocence about him that is completely defiled by such a product.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the Justin Beaver blow-up doll is made by the same company that created the Miley Cyrus blow up doll. Advertising on the package reads, ‘Finally 18!’

Justin Bieber“I find this so disturbing that people think it’s okay to make this,” one fan said upon learning about this disgusting creation.

Hopefully that’s how most Bieber fans feel. He is an 18-year-old pop singer whose fans average about 11 years old. The notion of marketing a sex toy in his image is disgusting.

“I want it,” another fans says.

Okay. Perhaps this is one of those middle-aged moms with a bad case of Bieber fever?

You can check out a picture of the Justin Beaver blow up sex doll by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

Do you think Justin Bieber can file for defamation over this sex toy? Remember the whole Joustin Beaver debacle?

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