Justin Bieber Sings Song About Gay Relationship?

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are currently dealing with a lot of breakup rumors and reports that they’re suffering from relationship problems. So perhaps the Biebs needs to dig up a few of his old songs to serenade his lady with.

“Bigger” could be a good option. It’s all about someone maturing and telling his love that he’s a new man—his love is “bigger” and he’s no longer a player. Lines like this would be especially powerful right now since Justin and Selena probably want to prove to the haters that they’re still happy together:

“And all the haters/I swear they’re so small from up here/Cuz we’re bigger/And love’s bigger/I’m bigger and you’re bigger.”

But this old song from Justin Bieber’s album My World isn’t currently making headlines because he’s singing it to Selena Gomez—The Sun is claiming that it was about a gay love affair.

The tabloid alleges that “Bigger” is about two guys breaking up. This is because one of the writers of the song is Frank Ocean, an R&B artist who recently revealed that he once had a relationship with a man.

The Sun makes it seem as though Frank specifically said that the song was about a gay relationship when he came out, but he did no such thing—he didn’t mention any songs in the Tumblr post he shared with his fans. “Bigger” also doesn’t seem to be about a breakup like The Sun claims.

It’s possible that Frank Ocean wrote the song with a guy in mind, but so far he hasn’t spoken out about it. Frank hasn’t said if he considers himself gay or bisexual, so it’s possible that many of his songs were written about women.

But if he does come out and say that Justin Bieber’s “Bigger” was written with a guy in mind, so what? Hopefully the Biebs will applaud Frank Ocean for being true to himself and deciding to quit hiding who he is. And besides, Justin might have something much “bigger” to worry about right now if the rumors about him and Selena Gomez are true.

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