Justin Bieber Stays Connected to Mrs. Bieber—Cancer Patient Avalanna Routh

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Justin Bieber doesn’t just visit sick children, pose for a few photos and ride off into the sunset. He stays in touch with some of these kids, cheering them on and helping to add a bit of fun to their intensely difficult lives. One little girl named Avalanna Routh, a.k.a. Mrs. Bieber, actually heard from Justin very recently.

According to Justin’s Twitter account he was chatting with the 6-year old, and is still clearly in awe of her spirit and her grace.

“got to chat with Avalanna. She has so much spirit. SHE IS AMAZING!! #MrsBieber is an incredible soul. Glad to know her! #pray4Avalanna,” the Boyfriend singer tweeted.

Avalanna Routh suffers from a rare form of brain cancer called ATRT. The disease affects only a handful of people each year and the little girl has battled it since she was just six months old.

Earlier this year a Facebook campaign caught Justin Bieber’s eye. Avalanna Routh wanted to meet him and had even held a mock wedding in her hospital room where she became none other than Mrs. Bieber. He invited the little girl and her family to spend Valentine’s Day with him in New York City. Since then he has remained in touch with the child, which no doubt makes her feel like a million bucks and allows her the freedom to simply be a little girl, not just a child with cancer.

Justin Bieber warms the hearts and souls of so many people when he performs these acts of kindness. His girlfriend Selena Gomez is known for doing the same thing with some of her young fans who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

It’s nice to know there’s so much more to these popular celebrities than their fame and fortune, isn’t it? There’s an innately compassionate side to them that sets a fine example for celebrities—and regular people, too.

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