Justin Bieber Take Paternity Test! Is It His Baby?

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Justin Bieber has taken a paternity test for Mariah Yeater’s baby. What do you think the results will be for this one?

He was in New Jersey on Friday night taking the paternity test so that he can prove the baby is not his at all. Justin still says he has never met Mariah so there is no way this child can be his.

Justin Bieber still says that he will sue her as soon as he proves that the child is not his at all. They have not said if the results will be public at this time. Do you think fans have a right to know the truth?

Many fans do not believe that there is any possible way that Justin got Mariah Yeater pregnant and think she is just a crazy fan. What is your opinion on the matter? Could this be his baby? Sound off in the comments below.

Justin Bieber, April 2011

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