Justin Bieber Takes His Clothes Off After Selena Gomez Breakup

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So, Selena Gomez drops Justin Bieber then the Biebs drops his shirt. Is this a cry out to the world that he is now single or a desperate attempt to get Selena back? Who knows, but his fans surely appreciate this picture of a shirtless Biebs.

Justin posted this shirtless photo to Instagram shortly after he and Selena headed to Splitsville.

His stance has that “bring the next girl on” kind of look to it. He appears to be slightly smiling, but of course this is the kind of smile that is easily faked. He is liking crying inside and just trying to make it seem like all is okay in Bieberland.

Justin Bieber reportedly took the breakup harder than Selena, and she reportedly is the one that broke it off with him.

His fans are surely not upset especially if him getting dumped led to a photo like this. Whatever happens, good luck to him and let him pull a Taylor Swift and use this experience to write a song.

Justin Bieber, Twit Pic

Photo Credit: Instagram

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