Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test; His Manager Jokes about It

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Justin Bieber has called Mariah Yeater’s bluff by taking a paternity test, and his manager, Scooter Braun, doesn’t seem to concerned about the results—in fact, he’s been joking about it.

The nightmare will soon be over for Beliebers (hopefully), and Mariah’s fifteen minutes of fame will certainly be over if the DNA test results do prove that Justin isn’t the father of her baby boy, Tristyn. So if she wants to do another paid interview, she’d better get moving; she still has a few days before the results come back.

Justin has handled all this surprisingly well. He did the mature thing by deciding to take the DNA test as soon as possible, which means less time that he’ll have to worry about it. Plus it means that Mariah Yeater won’t have as much time to try to make money off of her story.

Of course, her story looks fishy to begin with. Leaked texts have provided evidence that her ex-boyfriend, named Robbie, might be the real father of Tristyn, and she reportedly also accused another ex of being the baby’s father before going after Justin Bieber. Plus her paternity suit was dropped in hopes that the case can be settled out of court. In short, she’s come off as being a shady character all around, so most people are now on Team Bieber.

So now that the DNA test is over, Beliebers can probably hardly wait for the results—they aren’t exactly fans of Mariah Yeater, so she might want to go into hiding to avoid being bullied by Beliebers when the results do come in (she’s supposedly already receiving death threats from them).

However, she’s going to have to face up to the lawsuit that Justin Bieber files against her for defaming his good name. After all, the Biebs definitely wants to scare other fame-thirsty girls from following in Mariah’s footsteps. And his manager, Scooter Braun, is already trying to be the next baby mama to benefit from a claim against the Biebs. “I’m actually having Justin’s baby. I’m pregnant. I’m showing soon,” he joked during an interview. Since Scooter is making light of a situation that could be very serious, it seems that he’s confident in what the test results will show, and it’s safe to say that many Beliebers are, too.

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