Justin Bieber Talks Fan Interaction

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Justin Bieber sure does get up close and personal with his fans. In a new report, the singing sensation talked about some of the ways in which he interacts with his Beliebers–whether he wants to or not.

One way in which girls seek JB’s attention is to tackle him. Yep! You read that right: Justin is the object of many an aggressive teen’s football move.

Regarding this maneuver, Bieber says that this is just one of the fan-tastic moments he is met with when it comes to being around the women who love him, Selena Gomez excluded. Apparently, these particular people who are blindly enamored don’t see anything wrong with going for it–literally–but one would think that this Canadian star would be put off by such actions.

That said, JB also sees a lot of girls cry in his presence just like they did when the Beatles were around. Apparently, that’s typical super fan behavior. And then Bieber has come across certain females who actually have had tattoos inked on their bodies to literally spell out their affections for this particular artist who is only 18.

Talk about a permanent connection.

Surely there are other ways to get in the groove with Justin Bieber.

How about a real letter, sent through snail mail, to tell this talent how much he is appreciated? Or how about giving to one of his many causes? Anything other than making a spectacle of yourself will likely get at least a bit of the connection you need and want from the Biebs.

That said, have you ever done anything like tackle your idol when you happened to run into him or her, whether that be at a concert or just out and about? Do you think Justin Bieber handles himself well when he interacts with his fans? Can you think of other ways to get his attention? Thoughts? Thanks.

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