Justin Bieber Talks Insanity and Independence

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Teen singer Justin Bieber dishes about his independence, and says he is surrounded by so many people on any given day that he relishes his time alone.

According to a report from ShowBizSpy.com, The Biebs spends his days in the company of managers and a team of advisers. When he travels for concerts he usually adds his mom and R&B sensation Usher to the mix. Time alone is a rare commodity; so when the singer can get some, it’s both well earned and well received.

“I guess IÂ’m fine with being by myself. IÂ’m a very independent person, so I donÂ’t really get lonely. I donÂ’t get much time to myself,” he says.

“I work a lot, but at night time, thatÂ’s basically my down time when I get to just lay in bed, play on my computer, check twitter and all that,” Justin Bieber adds. “I never get to feel anonymous anymore, not really.”

It’s got to be exciting being a teen singing sensation like Justin Bieber, but it must be equally difficult at times, and lack of independence must be a huge factor. Bieber makes it clear that it’s not always easy being constantly in the limelight. He is grateful, however, for the people in his life who help “keep him sane.”

“I have some great people on my team that keep me grounded, my mum is always with me and they keep me sane, and Usher has been there, so he knows, he helps keep me sane,” he says.

Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, helps close the gap between being overrun with excited teen girls and closing himself off from people, in general. She has supported him fully since the inception of his career.

Still, it’s night time in the solace of his room that allows the Never Say Never star to ponder life’s mysteries. He can catch up with friends from back home and spend a little bit of time simply being a teenage boy. And this type of independence is all he needs–at least for now!

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