Justin Bieber: Target of a ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Terror

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Justin Bieber better watch out—Toddlers & Tiaras star Eden Wood is threatening him with violence.

Eden might be one of the few “stars” out there that’s actually smaller than the Biebs, but she’s definitely not afraid of fighting him, and she’s on her way to becoming just as big of a name as Justin (or at least her pageant mom is praying for this to happen).

The show Toddlers & Tiaras has certainly caused its fair share of controversy lately, but the reality series’s tiny divas aren’t letting that spoil their time in the spotlight. A Pretty Woman prostitute costume, corset dress, and Dolly Parton outfit complete with fake boobs and butt padding have caused far more controversy than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have by traveling around the world and staying in hotels together, but it seems that any publicity is good publicity for the controversial show.

In fact, it’s starting to create some tiny superstars. Eden Wood was actually invited to Fashion Week in NYC, where E! interviewed her about the Biebs and his girlfriend.

Eden isn’t one of the pageant contestants that dressed in one of the aforementioned controversial costumes, but she did create a bit of an internet sensation by performing her first booty-shakin’ single “Cutie Patootie” on The Talk (you can see how impressed the hosts were by it below).

Anyway, Eden Wood wants to be a singer like Selena Gomez when she grows up, and says she’d “pass out” if she actually got to meet the “pretty” star. However, she had this to say about what she would do if she ever met Justin Bieber: “I would punch him. He’s stupid!” Hear that, Justin? The next generation of girls will not be won over by your women’s jeans and helmet hair, so your days are numbered.

Eden also said that she doesn’t like Miley Cyrus because “she smoked a bong” (it’s a little scary that a 6-year-old knows what a bong is).

So what’s more disturbing here: that Eden is threatening to beat up Justin Bieber; that Eden got invited to Fashion Week; or that E! actually interviewed Eden? Sound off in the comments!

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