Justin Bieber tells secrets

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Tonight, Justin Bieber appeared on the Barbara Walters special, which isn’t surprising. What was surprising was how many secrets the pop star shared with the veteran interviewer.

First was the revelation that Bieber plans to cut his hair. Then Justin complained about how his Mom often treats him like a baby — punishing him by, say, taking away his cell phone — even though Bieber is 16 whole years old. (Who doesn’t know a 16-year-old pubescent boy who doesn’t need strict discipline at times?)

Some of Justin Bieber’s questions from Barbara Walkers were no secret and answered in what seemed to be a very pat manner. This is to be expected as the young man is constantly being interviewed all over the world and many times the questions can become redundant.

However, some queries were filled with surprise answers, like who Justin Bieber would like to emulate if that were possible. He said that he would choose a mix between Prince and Michael Jackson. This could happen, especially if the young singing sensation really works on his craft and if he really buckles down and focuses on the work that it takes to become the best artist he can hope to be.

Another bit of Justin Bieber trivia shared with Barbara Walters was when he was asked for the title of his possible life story. The singer said it would probably be My Crazy Life.

Certainly that name for his autobiography would be appropriate as this young star has risen to the top of his game from the unlikely launch on YouTube. Now, millions of fans scream wherever he appears but Justin Bieber tells Barbara Walters he know how to handle this fame: He does it through yet one more of his personal secrets, by staying grounded in reality.

Hopefully, this method to the madness will continue to be true for Justin Bieber, one of the ten most fascinating people of the year 2010 as chosen by Barbara Walters with whom this famous teen shared at least a couple of really cool secrets. Fascinating!


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