Justin Bieber Thinks He Can Beat ‘One Direction’ In a Fight

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Maybe Justin Bieber’s still a little ticked off about the radio interviewer who remarked about Harry Styles and the Biebs’ mom in the same breath. Maybe Justin is jealous of Harry’s hair. Who knows? Justin is sure about one thing, however. He is confident he can beat Hazzo (or any other member of One Direction) in a fight.

“I’d get my ass kicked [fighting all of One Direction],” Justin recently noted. “But one-on-one I’d take them. I’d try a spin-kick. To the face.” It seems the Biebs has some pent-up aggression. The only thing the boy band has done to Bieber is give him some competition in the music charts.

It’s entirely possible that Justin Bieber would emerge victorious in a fight with Harry Styles. Justin has picked up some tips from the once world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. After a punching session with the bag at Tyson’s house, the boxer posted a video on YouTube and wrote, “JB’s got the moves!”

There just isn’t any reason for a fight to occur between Bieber and Styles. Hopefully, the Biebs can find a more suitable way to deal with his aggression than picking fights. In the meantime, Harry and the rest of One Direction should be happy they are out of reach and back in the United Kingdom.

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