Justin Bieber Throws Tantrum in London Restaurant–Is He Melting Down Without Selena Gomez? (Video)

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Now that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly officially never, ever getting back together, is the teen idol heading for a complete and extremely unsightly public meltdown? His most recent faux pas in a series of increasingly bizarre incidents occurred on his self-described “worst birthday ever” in London. Justin reportedly wanted the management to move some other diners from the table next to his so that his security team could sit there. When the restaurant refused, JB reportedly threw a tantrum like a little boy who didn’t get his way. Oopsies. Was Marg Helgenerger right about the Biebs all along? (The CSI star once called him a brat.)

According to sources, it all started when the As Long As You Love Me singer waltzed into London restaurant 34, and “demanded that another family be moved so his bodyguards could sit near him.”

“Justin bowled into the restaurant with an entourage and plenty of attitude,” revealed an insider. “He sat down while the two security lads stood over him, staring at everyone. It was affecting the mood of the room so management politely asked them to sit down. They pointed at the table next to Justin and said they would sit there and to move the people there elsewhere. The management said that wasn’t acceptable so they got up and walked out in a strop. It was ridiculous.”

Of course, as the world soon learned, things went downhill from there. JB was later kicked out of a club reportedly for having underage friends like Jaden Smith in his party, and his security team got involved in a shoving match with some paparazzi. An innocent belieber got shoved to the ground during the resulting scuffle. You can watch that bizarre incident on the video below.

So there you have it. Is Justin Bieber having a meltdown? Is he really ready for rehab? Or is he just really missing Selena Gomez?

Stay tuned.

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