Justin Bieber Throws Temper Tantrum Over One Direction Joke

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Justin Bieber made a diva move recently and threw a tantrum when a radio DJ joked with him about One Direction’s Harry Styles seducing Bieber’s mom. Styles is known for going after older women.

After the innocent jokes was made, Bieber responded by saying, “I don’t think you should worry about me [and my mom with Harry Styles] — worry about your mom, bro.” Bieber then promptly hung up.

Bieber could have just summoned up a sense of humor and rolled with the joke. Instead he decided to try and attack the DJ by turning the joke on him. Biebs was obviously peeved and a bit salty.

If Justin Bieber cannot learn to take a joke, he is going to have a really hard time as he gets older. He came off as a little brat. This shows that he truly is still just a child, despite putting on a front of maturity.

Lighten up Biebs!

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