Justin Bieber to be prosecuted?

Seriously, Justin Bieber to be prosecuted is a big deal. What is wrong with celebrities is they are often not prosecuted, but in this case, the sheriff is saying that Justin Bieber to be prosecuted. Maybe then, he will get his reckless behavior under control.

According to TMZ, “Sheriff’s investigators will refer the case to the L.A. County District Attorney for review after the investigation is completed, and the Dept. will recommend that criminal battery charges be filed against the singer.

It is truly sad to see a young man like Justin Bieber turn into a violent and obnoxious person. He was such a baby, and then, he became famous almost overnight, and now, it is constant that he is in trouble for some outlandish behavior. Maybe he needs to go home, and people need to teach him he is not above the law. Beiber should be prosecuted.

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