Justin Bieber to Give Private Concert to Beckham Boys

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Justin Bieber has agreed to perform a private concert at David and Victoria Beckham’s LA mansion for their boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. How cool is that? There is just one small catch, though.

Justin said, “I’ve agreed to give the boys a private concert at their house – if David gives me some private soccer lessons!” Aha! Well, that sounds like a reasonable deal, don’t you think? The good old barter system.

“David’s an amazing dad, and he told me how happy it would make the boys, so I had to say yes,” Justin said. “Maybe now they have a girl, Selena will have to come too, and dedicate a song to Harper.” It’s so cute how Justin always wants to include his girlfriend, isn’t it?

According to Justin Bieber, David and Victoria Beckham’s boys are always playing his records in their house, “so I’m happy to oblige. David and Victoria are great parents, they will do anything for their kids.” Surely, if the kids play his music all the time, the kids would consider a private concert by Bieber himself, live and in person, to be pretty cool.

Justin Bieber even predicts there could be another baby Beckham sometime in the future, despite the Beckham’s claim that they are done having kids. He said, “People thought they would stop now they have a daughter but I’m not so sure, they both love kids so much I can see them having one more.”

What do you think–will the Beckhams have another baby or, is the Beckham family complete now that baby Harper Seven is in the picture?

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