Justin Bieber Tweets About ‘Bully,’ Encourages Followers to Stand Up

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The ever socially conscious Justin Bieber watched the movie Bully earlier today. After he finished the film, he took to Twitter to discuss the importance of the movie’s message with his followers.

Justin Bieber Tweets About 'Bully,' Encourages Followers to Stand UpJust a few hours ago Justin Bieber tweeted, “just watched the #BULLY movie. really intense. really powerful. we need to stand up for each other.” Of course, his Twitter followers immediately began retweeting his message and replying to talk about Bully.

It seems that the Baby singer constantly stands up for causes that are important to him. He gives plenty back to charity like he did with the proceeds from his Christmas album, and now he is trying to raise awareness of bullying. Considering that he grew up in some tough situations with his mother, it is likely he understands a bit about what it feels like to be bullied.

Hopefully young people will pay attention to what Justin Bieber said about bullying, and hopefully people will go see the movie, and takes its powerful message to heart. Too much damage is done when people do not stand up to bullies.

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