Justin Bieber Tweets About ‘Mrs. Bieber’ Bride, But He’s Not Talking About Selena Gomez

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Some Beliebers were probably a little bit freaked out when Justin Bieber posted a message on Twitter talking about a cute girl that wasn’t Selena Gomez, but the little lady in question is much too young to be Justin’s girlfriend.

But even though 6-year-old Avalanna Routh has never met the Biebs, she‘s not giving up on her dream of marrying him someday. Justin recently tweeted a link to her story along with this message: “she is young but she is cute. :)”

According to whdh.com, Avalanna is a 6-year-old with a rare form of cancer. Her biggest dream right now is to meet Justin, and she already considers herself to be “Mrs. Bieber” (sorry, Selena Gomez!).

The little bride that Justin Bieber just became aware of has already planned and practiced her dream wedding, so all she’s got to do now is get the groom on board. Of course her parents would love for the Biebs to meet Avalanna since she admires him so much, and it would be really sweet if Justin and Mrs. Bieber could pose in a little wedding dress and a tux for a wedding album photo.

Avalanna will probably never get to plan a real wedding because the form of cancer she has is so aggressive, so it’s sweet but sad that her parents have been helping her plan a fantasy ceremony. They’re working hard to make every day of her life special and fun, and they won’t stop trying to keep their daughter happy even if she never gets to meet Justin.

But since he tweeted about the story, surely Justin will try to arrange a meeting with Avalanna Routh—he’s met with lots of Make-A-Wish kids in the past, so there’s no way he could turn down Avalanna’s proposal.

So do you think that Mrs. Bieber will get a chance to meet her husband, and should Justin not just meet her, but surprise her with a fun pretend wedding?

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