Justin Bieber Tweets Fans about Winning Selena Gomez Back After Non-Existent Disaster Date.

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By now everyone has heard about Justin Bieber’s so-called ‘Disaster Date” with Selena Gomez. You know, the one where they had a screaming fight in front of eyewitnesses and then she locked him out of her house where he had just enjoyed a sleepover the night before. And by now surely everyone knows that the infamous disaster date never really happened. Justin and Selena left Yamato restaurant so precipitously, not because they were fighting but because they only went there to order takeout. Furthermore, Selena never locked JB out of her home. Apparently, there was a glitch in the electronic controls of her security gate and it took a while to open it. Well, that explains everything—almost.

Reportedly, JB posted a heartfelt message to his fans on Twitter after the “disaster date” that never happened. In it, he conveyed the pain and confusion he’s dealing with in his current situation. As always, he also expressed his love for his beliebers and his appreciation for their love and support.

“Things arent always easy,” wrote Biebs. “there is alot of pressure. im figuring it all out. im trying. but i care, i notice, i still hear u. #Beliebers.”

Sweet as JB’s Tweet is, it raises a question. According to sources, the tweet was posted after the illusory “disaster date” on November 17. If there was no restaurant fight, no disaster date, and all is well in Jelena-ville, then what was all that jibber-jabber about “pressure” and “figuring it all out?” Of course, he could have been referring to career pressures. And there is an awful lot to figure out when you’re eighteen.

Oh well, it’s a relief to learn the disaster date never happened, but the world will probably never know what’s really going on with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Perhaps that’s as it should be. But stay tuned.

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